We as a church endeavor to share the simplicity of the gospel to all people. Calling them to a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ for the purpose of developing them in the faith through pastoral oversight, continual biblical instruction, godly examples and a mutual caring and sharing with other believers while being accountable to one another in an atmosphere of grace.

In September 1938, at 616 Shawmut Avenue, Roxbury, Massachusetts Deacon John A. Thomas founded the New Hope Baptist Church. Along with him were J .I. Johnson, Foster Wornum, Morris Grady, James Williams and Jerry Middleton.


REV. L.Q. ABBERCROMBY ::|| New Hope Baptist Church had its first pastor by the name of Reverend L.Q Abbercromby who served faithfully until his late departure.


REV. BROWN::|| As second pastor, Reverend Solomon Brown officially organized what was then known as New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. He then led the growing congregation from a storefront to Shawmut Avenue in 1967.


REV. JAMES R. MEADOWS ::||   Reverend James R. Meadows served as pastor to the growing congregation.



REV. BRYSON | ASSISTANT PASTOR: REV. WILLIE DUBOSE JR. ::|| Reverend Madison Bryson stepped in as “acting pastor” in 1965 until he was elected pastor in 1966. Under Reverend Bryson, New Hope moved from Shawmut Avenue. to Tremont Street to accommodate the continually growing congregation. It was also then that New Hope Missionary Baptist Church became New Hope Baptist Church, Inc.

REV. WILLIE DUBOSE JR. | ASSISTANT PASTORS: REV. LARRY GREEN AND REV. KENNETH K. SIMMS ::|| Reverend Willie Dubose Jr. became pastor in 1984. He encouraged the church to become active in many non-profit organizations in the community. New Hope was given its current motto “The church that cares and shares”, underwent many necessary renovations to the building on Tremont Street, and established ministries and a fellowship service under his leadership. We also joined collective Baptist church organizations which we are still involved in today. 

REV. KENNETH K. SIMMS ::|| On April 28, 2013, we proudly installed Rev. Kenneth K. Simms as the new Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, who continues to carry out the Lord’s vision for His church.