NEW HOPE BAPTIST CHURCH believes it is important to become involved through ministry to glorify God at the fullest. By doing so, we can give outreach to our communities and spread the gospel to all generations. Below is a brief list of our community involvement at large ranging in all age groups and gender.


Junior Mission | Junior Ushers  | Nurses | Pastor’s Support Team | Prayer Concerns  | Security | Senior Mission | Senior Ushers | Seniors | Solomon B. Brown Scholarship | Transportation | Van Drivers | Young Adult Ministry (YAM)Youth Ministry

Ministries that are tended to be of service during worship and after. The youth ministry is the future of our church. They embark in fellowship together at events such as concerts, retreats, and Sunday School to further their ministry in the word.




|| MUSIC ||

Inspiration Choir | Male Chorus | Mass Choir | Sanctuary Choir | Voices of Hope Choir  | Praise and Worship 

NHBC is passionate about our music ministry. Not only do we range in age groups and styles, but we expand to the instrumentals as well. Our choirs are often invited to other churches, concerts, and various events outside of our own church. As a family, we join in the musical arts as a means of expression and spread of the good news.




Building Fund | Building/Buying | Capital Campaign Committee 

The building ministries aid in building upkeep, relocation/capital campaigning for our new home, and daily maintenance to name a few. Our members that range in skill set from the construction, engineering, architecture, and financial industries work together to strive for excellence. Please visit our Capital Campaign page for our latest project!




|| ARTS || 

Audio | Liturgical Dance Ministry | Public Relations | Martha Johnson Floral  | Kitchen/Culinary Arts

Along with the music ministries, we also minister in the other arts including graphic design, media, dance, and culinary. As we serve our local events, we encourage members to minister through the arts for extended service to our community.





Sunday School | Bible Study | Nurturing | Christian Institute | New Life Class | Christian Education | Family Life Ministry | First Place Health | Women’s Ministry | Men’s Ministry | Wednesday Night in the Word

Our teaching ministries are geared to spreading the word through various mediums. We minister to all different backgrounds in the various ministries to be more relatable and provide the best service from experience. Please join us every Wednesday for our Bible Study classes “Wednesday Night in the Word”!